Leading the way and opening doors.

Concerned Citizens Community Involvement (CCCI) a 501 (c) 3 non-profit organization
promotes health, education, and well-being in South Los Angeles and neighboring communities.



Concerned Citizens Community Involvement (CCCI) is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization dedicated to promoting health, education, and well-being in South Los Angeles and neighboring communities.

In 1978, Dr. Carl C. Baccus, father, innovator, humanitarian, and community leader founded the Concerned Citizens Community Involvement (CCCI) with the mission to promote health, education, and well-being in South Los Angeles and neighboring communities.

Spanning over 35 years, CCCI has been involved in educating over 1200 children through the former New Focus Christian School, feeding thousands through food programs, educating hundreds through seminars, and supporting area youth with scholarships. This effort has been supported by the founder Dr. Baccus and has been recognized by many city, county, state, and national figures including Bernard Parks, Maxine Waters, the Hahn family, Diane Watson, Tom Bradley, and Mark Ridley-Thomas to name a few.

Dr. Carl C. Baccus has been the minister of the Southside Church of Christ for over 50 years continuing to lead this congregation to higher heights and at the same time giving the direction of CCCI to the generation behind him. With a host of many volunteers, CCCI is now able to raise funds with low overhead cost which has a greater impact on the mission statement. However, leadership is needed on many levels for the numerous goals CCCI has for the community. To this respect Mr. Chris Baccus has been given the charge to lead CCCI in the 21st Century.


chris-baccusMr. Chris Baccus now serves as the Executive Director (Volunteer) for Concerned Citizens Community Involvement (CCCI). He is an alumni of the University of Southern California and was awarded his Master of Arts in Education from CSU Dominguez Hills. He served several years as a counselor in the Los Angeles Unified School District and continues to utilize his experience for CCCI. Throughout his career he has worked with hundreds of Middle School, High School, and College age  students. Mr. Baccus states, “Education is the path to success for our communities, we will do everything to get our people educated not only through our education systems, but also through knowledge of how to take care of their bodies and minds.”    
Board Members
Dr. Carl C. Baccus (Founder) Arthur Henry
Advisory Council
Carl Beverly Beverly Productions
Sherri Bradford Santa Monica College
Charles A. Brown The Boeing Company
Brandon Chretien The CLC Group
Audrey Coley Coley's Jamaica's Best
Donovan Green AT&T
Angela Golightly Westbrook Entertainment Inc.
Ray Ivy Guide Right
Carliss McGhee, Ph.D. Inglewood USD
Tonya Thompson Kids Preparatory Academy

Learning Academies

“Building your promising future.”
Concerned Citizens Community Involvement established Learning Academies with our education partners Academic Achievement Services (AAS).
The Learning Academies will bridge the educational resource gap amongst South LA communities of color by empowering local middle and high school students to learn, apply and succeed in achieving their academic and professional goals. We do this by equipping students with necessary study and learning skills while incorporating career development and mentorship opportunities with the students as well. Come be a part of an exciting achievement program designed to propel students into realizing their academic and career goals.
Program Objectives
The Academic Achievement Services has collaborated to promote Five (5) Academies Offerings
  1. Learning/College Prep Academy
  2. Business Academy
  3. Social Science Academy
  4. Limitless STEM Academy
  5. For The Love Of Acting (Ftla) Academy
  • Students will improve academic performance
  • Develop knowledge of career paths
  • Prepare for college


Digital Bytes 2020 Initiative

Digital equity is achieved when all individuals and communities have the information technology capacity to fully participate in our society, democracy, and economy. Digital equity solutions must target root causes of inequities in digital access, including historic divestment in communities of color, poverty, and language barriers. Digital Bytes will take a Byte out of the Digital Divide and provide:
  • Chromebook/Hot Spot
  • Training in technology for work, career opportunities or educational needs
  • Low Cost Home Internet  - Click on links. Human IT  or AT&T
Deadline to apply for scholarship is Thursday, September 10, 2020.

Scholarship Application - English

Haga clic aquí para aplicar en español

Live Healthy

Thanks to the Foodbank of Southern California, CCCI changed the type of food given to people each week. CCCI's food distribution now includes USDA products, fresh fruits and vegetables. CCCI has feed hundreds of families and thousands of people with the help of our partner.
Kaiser Permanente is transforming the way they deliver care and support our community by developing collaborative partnerships with local faith-based organizations. The Faith-Based Partnership Program (FBPP) establishes a supportive network of partners and volunteers to educate and empower the community through health lectures, health coaching and visitation ministry. FBPP seeks to establish, educate and empower faith-based partners and volunteers committed to helping Kaiser Permanente offer healthcare system navigation support to optimize the health outcomes for the diverse populations we serve.The full program is delivered and sponsored by Kaiser Permanente.
The FBPP is currently being piloted at Southside Church of Christ and utilizes a three-pronged approach:
  • Health Lecture Series
  • Health Coaches
  • Post Discharge Visitation
          The goals of the FBPP are:
  • Improve health outcomes for program participants
  • Provide tools, resources, and education for program participants to better manage their health at home
  • Create an additional transition to home network
The Weight of the Nation documentary series and public health campaign present a unique opportunity to spotlight the severity of the obesity epidemic, to showcase strategies that work and, most importantly, to catalyze action to end obesity. CCCI is proud to partner with Kaiser Permanente on this community health initiative by hosting screenings, sharing resources and literature.